Should Rajini be fined Rs.500?

With lot of pomp and celebrations, 'Baba' began at Vadapalani's A.V.M Studios.

Every other day, media carries some news or other about the film. All said and done, one thing is clear - Rajini has a very sharp business acumen.

Even before the film's shooting had begun, advance had been collected from almost all the theatres in Tamilnadu. There is also news that they had got Pepsi and Gold winner to sponsor them. The Insiders predict that these two alone would bring in enough money to complete the shooting of the film, which means Rajini is going to rake in profits without investing even a single Rupee. Is he? Only time will tell.

Manisha Koirala is the heroine. The Japanese heroine who had been at the sets during the Poojas will ensure the Japanese interest. The wave created by 'Muthu' and 'Padaiyappa' is yet to settle in Japan. Not that a Japanese actress is starring with the hero of these films, the Japanese magazines are busy giving priority covering to this film. This is more than enough to keep the Japanese fans fanning brightly this August.

On the first day of the film, local magazines featured stills of Rajini with a 'beedi' in his lips, with the finger and the little finger stretched out.

In Hollywood, many leading stars have decided to avoid been shown with a smoke in the films out of concern for the environment. India too has enacted Laws that expressly ban smoking in public places with a fine of Rs.500, for violation.

But, Rajini wouldn't change for anybody.

The role-model of the youth, Rajini is seen in the posters of 'Baba' with beedies. These youngsters are bound to follow the footsteps of their idol, Rajini. They are bound to think, 'when our "Thalaivar" himself smokes, and that too so stylishly, what is wrong with us doing it too?' aren't they? If smoking in public places draws a fine of Rs.500, should we also not impose fine on those who tempt them to do so? What do you say, 'Baba' Sir?

First politicians did it - causing massive traffic jams. The sad thing is now even actors have begun doing it. Words can describe the hindrances that people had to undergo thanks to the fans of Vijayakanth during the inauguration function of 'Aandal Azagar' marriage Hall and during the shooting of "Rajjiyam" throughout Tamilnadu. Vadapalani witnessed similar scenes on the first day celebrations of 'Baba'. Traffic was jammed for 2 hours. Where exactly is the 'Superstar' culture going? Do they have to harass the general public to show their might? As if, they hadn't suffered enough at the hands of Politicians.

Chitthirai 1, i.e., April 14 - doesn't matter if Tamizhar celebrates this day with the same fervor that accompanies the first of January, but, for Tamil Cinema it is normally celebration time.

Three years ago, 'Baba's 'Padaiyappa' was released and it went on to create records in Box Office collections on this day, the Tamil New Year Day.

The next year saw the release of 'Alaipayuthe' on this day. The movie had created ripples all over the state.

Last year witnessed the release, followed by resounding success of two films, on this day - 'Badri' and 'Dum Dum Dum'.

This year? 'Tamizhan', 'Thamizh'. 'Rajjiyam', 'Gemini', 'Gummalam', 'Sound Party', 'Kaadhal Azhivadhillai' and 'Junior Senior'.............

We now bring you 'Thamizhan'.

Vijay had established himself firmly on the throne of success with five hits in a row - 'Kushi', 'Priyamanavalae', 'Friends', 'Badhri' and 'Shajahan'. This film moves him away from the usual formula routine and portrays him as a law college student who raises his voice against injustice in the society.

Shankar's super duper successes and the outbursts of Ajith in 'Citizen' and 'Red' convince the moviemakers of the monetary success that these "Robin Hood" stories assure of.

The Management mercilessly throws its estate laborers out of their jobs. When Vijay questions the Authorities about this, his maternal uncle is attacked. So, he gives the go-ahead to his Law student nephew Vijay to use the legal loopholes to end these poor workers' plight.

Vijay, with law as his weapon, seeks to wipe the wrongs away from the lives of these people and stop excesses by people in power.

In the end, the Indian Government acknowledges the good deeds of the young man and releases a postage stamp to honor him.

For further news, watch this space.

Tamil cinema definitely needs two people - one is Vivek (the other one is Mumtaj!), says Vivek himself, such is the clout this actor had managed to earn.

But, in Thamizhan, the actor's comedy had been added half heartedly. A la 'Azhagi', Like 'Citizen', 'Thamizhan' too doesn't require comedy, even for the sake of formality. The story is so strong, the director, Majid, says, But, the producer of the film, G.V.believes that Vivek's presence would only strengthen the films. The director was aware of the desperate situation that the producer was in, so he had agreed to adding Vivek's track. For the 15 lakhs pay cheque, the actor only had a few scenes to do..


The heroine of 'Gummalam', Rathi had hit the jackpot even before the film got released.

After 'Kadalpookal', when BharathiRaaja was deeply contemplating about his next movie, his eyes fell upon some stills of hers in some magazines. Now, she goes about with the distinction of being the heroine of Bharathiraja's next film.

Since her name already starts with an 'R', the only other condition that the director put forth was that she shouldn't act in any other film until she completes his new project.



Manirathnam is a very happy man. Though 'Kannathil Muthamittal' didn't turn out to be the kind of commercial success that "Alaipayuthe" had been, the film had its own success. Like a million flowers in bloom, the film had brought in praises and kudos from all over the world. Letters and Emails keep pouring him.

'So many people had made movies about the Sri Lankan issue, but none had shown it the way you did', the mails go. Some mails have even gone to the extent of saying that the scenes involving 'Maankulam' don't depict the whole truth about the conditions there.