One movie which Prashanth is looking forward to will be his home production Jai. Jai is being directed by Madhesh who was the producer of Chocolate and he also distributed Thulluvatho Ilamai which happened to be one of the blockbuster hits. Prashanth's father Thiagarajan will also act in this movie which he produces.

Thiagarajan who stopped acting once Prashanth started is now back to the silver screen. He wanted to concentrated on honing his son's skills and he so far has done a good job indeed.

Prashanth has so far given some stunning hits and is not often involved in controversies. Lately he is seen involved in one with Vikram especially after the poster controversy between Jai and Sami. The interesting news is that Vikram and Prashanth are relations but so far they don't gel well.

According to Madhesh, Jai will be action adventure and most part of the movie will be shot in a huge set erected in somewhere in Tibet which was done by Thotta Tharani and  around 1.5 crores was spent for that. Jai will also feature stunts by Samo Hung who was once Jackie Chan's stunt choreographer. Madhesh adds that Yuen Wo Ping who did some stunning wire stunts for The Matrix and The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon will be doing stunts for Jai.

New cameras which features high frame rates will be imported from Hollywood. Incidentally all the wire tricks could be eliminated only by CG shots (Computer Graphics) and that would be handled by the same team that did special effects for Jeans. They will be flying down south to Chennai for that. Now we have some serious competition to match Hollywood.