• Actor - Ajith, Vivek, Vaiyapuri

  • Actress - Jyothika, Yuktha Mukhe

  • Direction - Ezhil

  • Producer - Oscar Ravichandran

Director Ezhil declares: "Ajith, hitherto, has been achieving many feats through his fantastic performances in action movies for a change, "Poovellam Un Vaasam" would bring out the subtleness of his character."

He had this to tell while launching the film. He had spent quite time in building the story for this film. He has reason to do so for his last film "Pennin Manadhai Thottu" had flopped.

He is happy with his script. "The script commands a respect of sorts. It's faithful translation on the screen would surely fetch a success".

What is the storyline? Two families give weight to friendship on a large scale for many years like two people who are friends from their childhood days. Ajith and Jyothika who hail from these two families inevitably fall into love. The bondage between the two families is further cemented by the love that blossoms between these youngsters. Although many circumstances conspire to destroy the unity of those families. But the families surmount all the hurdles and hold aloft the banner of oneness. Director Ezhil has depicted the unshakeable unity that prevails between the families naturally, tellingly, and movingly.

They have spend Rupees one crore towards erecting the sets of two identical houses. One house looks like the Xerox copy of the other. The art director must be congratulated for a job well done. He has created the houses with a high sense of artistic appreciation.

As the story revolves around the two families there is no scope for Ajith to demonstrate his talents in heroism. "Acting in this film gives me mental satisfaction and the much needed solace."

Oscar Ravichandran is unknown to failures. He has starred Yukta Mukhe also in this film. The famous former world beauty acts in a sont-dance sequence for the word, "Yukta Mukhe" finds place in the song written by Vairamuthu.

Poovellam Un Vaasam does not lack in any way. All the ingredients that go to make a broth are very much there. It has a beautiful story. The lyrics are pretty. The stars in the cast list fascinate the filmgoers no end. What else do you require? No doubt, the release of the picture in eagerly awaited.