Fast Facts:
  • 34th Tamil film of the year 2002.
  • It took two years to complete the film.
  • This is the first film for the director.
  • This is the second film for Anita though this was the first film she had signed up.
The most puzzling question about this film is- it's not clear who stole the story from whom. The film looks like a low budget clone of 'Citizen'. But, the powerful flashback that was seen in 'Citizen' doesn't exist in 'Samurai' even for formalities sake.

Jaya Seal is a Medical student. She is terribly angered by the atrocities that occur at the hospital. She talks about this to her fellow student Vikram. Unmoved, Vikram asks her, "So, how does that concern you?" To get him involved, she commits suicide. This has the desired effect on Vikram. He and his friends join hands and begin to kidnap corrupt politicians. In 'Citizen' Ajith argues that the corrupt should be stripped off their citizenship. But, in 'Samurai' Vikram goes to the extent of seeking death penalty for them.

Anitha, who plays the role of a schoolgirl, is the source of comfort. Her pranks don't contribute a dime to the film but, thanks to her, there are some good songs to listen to. Did we mention some very soothing-to-the-eyes scenes too? It is pretty obvious that the film took two years to complete. Vikram is short of enthusiasm throughout the film. He looks dull and lifeless.

After the first half, the scenes liven up. There is a scene in which the epitome of Tamilnadu's corrupt politicians ('Anbaalaya' Prabhakaran) gets kidnapped from the hospital by Vikram. That's a superbly executed one, dude!

Surprise! Surprise! The film doesn't have a comedy actor at all. So, the mind is relieved each time a song begins. Harris Jeyaraj has rendered a beautiful score for 'moongil kaadukalae'. The efforts of the director and the cinematographer in this song deserve a standing ovation.

The role is tailor made for Vikram. In quiet a number of scenes, his eyes alone manage to convey the emotions and the intensity. The college sequences should have been shot in the beginning itself. In those scenes, Vikram looks like the younger brother of the latter scenes' Vikram.

The scenes in which Vikram begins to get attracted to Anita make a strong impact. Harris Jeyaraj's background score adds to the effect. 'Pattukottai' Prabhakaran's dialogues add strength to the film. Nasser plays a Police officer. Vikram lives right next to him and carries out all his kidnappings. The proximity to a police officer adds to the excitement.

It's understandable when Jaya Seal's death affects Vikram to this extent. But, it's not clear why his friends are in it too.

Towards the climax, Nasser salutes Vikram and helps him escape. Acceptable. But it doesn't gel well when he quietly watches his still-in-school daughter walk away with Vikram. Such a thing might look good from the heroism point of view. Does it help the story?

It's really, really, really about time the heroes stop shouting at the Supreme Court judges and ordering them about. Contempt of court is a big offence. Maybe the real life Supreme Court should do something about this.

Throughout the film, one can't help but feel a sort of exasperation. It continues till the very end.

Wow... Buss...

  • Harris Jeyaraj's done a great music score.

  • How many times have we seen this story before?