Fast Facts about 'Kanna Unna Thedugiren' :

  • This is 5272th film in Tamil.

  • A 39th Tamil film released in 2001.

  • It is said that this film may turn out to be the swan song for Suvalakshmi, so far as the films on the big screen are concerned.

It requires great courage to make films like this (And to see it also!)

A nanny has three grand daughters. An youth tries to woo one of those three girls. The story creeps along in this fashion at the speed of a tortoise.

There are many stumbling blocks to the ambitions of Sathyan's love. Suvalakshmi whom she loves has the responsibility of protecting her two sisters. One of her two sisters is dumb. The other one stands broken-hearted because of her failure in love. To add insult to the injury, her brother and maternal uncle behave in many undesirable ways to their liking.

Sathyan takes part in the trials and tribulations of Suvalakshmi for the sake of his sincere love for her. The lovers undergo many hardships before the film comes to a happy end.

The film might have turned into a success provided it has had a good screenplay. The acting talents of the cast ought to have been fantastic and fabulous. It is evident that Sathyan, young as he is, is unable to carry the whole film on his shoulders. Simply he could not meet the tall order.

The two people who fascinate us in the film are Suvalakshmi and Ranjith Suvalakshmi does not by behind and acts effectively. Ranjith is improving and polishing his acting powers, film after film.

It is our misfortune that Vivek finds it difficult to stop the perennial flow of the stream of pathos and panic in the film. This remark would suit the efforts of Ilayaraja also.

The duet scenes have been filmed in foreign locations. Still it is a question whether this film of Jeeva Selvaraj would be praised by the people who live across the seas.

Any way, better luck next time!

Wow... Oops...
  • Ranjith and Suvalakshmi provide the only solace in the film through their able performances.

  • The screenplay had pushed the film down into a ditch.

  • The film lacks in speed.