Fast Facts about 'Poovellam Un Vaasam' :

  • A 5276th film in Tamil.

  • A 3rd film for Ajith-Jyothika pair

  • Yuktha mukhi's first appearance in the Indian filmdom!This again proves a fact that any Indian miss world or miss universe make their debut appearance in Tamil!

Another love movie. As love blossoms the lovers have to survive the evil effects caused by certain undesirable elements and pass through many dark tunnels before joining their hands in happy union. This film is true to the recent trend of the Tamil filmdom. But that Ajith acts in this film is its specialty.

Two families are in perfect harmony. Ajith and Jyothika, the heirs of those families fall for each other. But Yugendran tells a white lie that Jyothika is in love with himself. And Ajith is duped and deceived by the plot of the Villain. The family bond gets broken as a result of this.

After undergoing many hardships and untold sufferings the families unite again.

Ajith worst the Villain while the film is in half way. To our surprise, Director Ezhil gives an unexpected twist to the film. But we are able to guess the eventuality rather easily. Hence the feeling that the film is long and slow.

Ajith has given a different dimension. During the song sequences he seems to be a dancing phenomenon, spirited as he is. He has hogged the limelight in the song Yuktha Mukhi; he has shown the heroism of seizing the credit of the scene by force. But he requires some more homework to acquit himself better in the weeping scenes.

Jyothika has brought a variety of new expressions on her face, a welcome change. The director has imparted valuable training to her in emoting the feelings such as shyness, grief and anger. We find improvisation and innovation in her acting.

Vivek pines for experience of 'First Night'. As a matter of wonderment, we see a subdued Kovai Sarala. When "Aththa" (divine mother) transmigrates into her body, Vivek is able to provide comedy of a high order (Are you the mother of the world? Come on, show your tongue. Let's see how long it is. Come along; show me your fifteen hands, if at all you have them, as Ramanarayanan show in his film!)

Vaiyapuri has done it great in his single and separate track. This augurs well for his growth.

Yugendran, the handsome Villain, keeps Ajith spellbound to the best of his ability veteran Sivakumar appears as an adept in crying circumstances. No doubt, he is a master of pathos. The actors who cannot emote well in grievous scenes will do well to take a leaf out of the look of this experienced showman. Sayaji Shinde ought to have taken some more pains.

Ajith performs only one stunt scene. The cameraman and the editor have functional in unison to bring about an excellent result.

Vidyasagar is the other hero of the film several songs such as "Kadhal Vandhadhe", "Yuktha Mukhi", and "Thirumana Malargal" captivate our hearts. Vairamuthu has picturised the fine sentiments and tender feelings of a woman in the lines of the lyric, "Thirumana Malargal". And in the very same song, Swarnalatha pours down honey in our ears. Her voice is so sweet.

Turning towards Director Ezhil, we can shake his hands for presenting a decent film to the moviegoers. Nevertheless, he might have sharpened many scenes for giving a better effect. (Example: The fight Jyothika puts up with her father in her young age gives a black mark to the talent of the director)

Throughout the film, songs have been interspersed wherever the story moves along slowly to make up for the lack of tempo. But the director has depicted an emotion charged climax with a beautiful background music on the strength of the fitting climax, the director has reached the shores after withstanding all the storms.

Wow... Oops...
  • A story surcharged with touching emotions

  • The lilting music of Vidyasagar

  • Highly competent cinematography

  • The screenplay is a long drag. The film moves on with sluggishness ever after enabling us to guess the finality.