An Interview with Singer

Harrini's house is in West Mambalam

As we enter the house, Harini's father Srikaran welcomes us. He shows us the awards and trophies won by Harini from her school days. "We never thought that Harini will come this far. All glory to God!", he is all smiles. As we see the delight and gleam in his eyes we are reminded of the Kural verse in Tamil, "Magan(or Magal) Thanthaikkatrum Udhavi (The priceless heep done by a son to his father)...."

Tamil Cinema has been dominated, for many years, by the female singers having Malayalam and Hindi as their mother tongues. But now Harini has started carving a niche for herself in their midst. Hers is a banner of glory. This is a rare phenomenon in Tamil filmdom.

Beyond all doubts, she had done Tamil proud. Here is a rendezous with Harini: