Three roses


Of late one movie was hyped over all expectations and even before the release the movie is now being labeled another dumb in the box office. We are about discuss about the home production of one of the leading actress in Kollywood. That actress is none other than Rambha and her production is Three Roses which co stars her with Laila and Jyothika.

Three roses was almost launched a year ago when all the lead stars except Rambha were in their peaks. Jyothika was churning out hits with each release and Laila was slowly recovering with some hits to her credit. Rambha was left stranded with the onslaught new sexy heroines and she decided to start her home production with her brother looking after the production details.

Promos were aired and posters were plastered all over the state. Fans were eager to catch a glimpse of a trio of the lead stars. Actually when Rambha started shooting, many had said that she had made the right choice, Jyothika was in the peak, Laila was about to peak and Rambha herself was fading out and that could be a huge marketing trick but just after a year we have all those ideas changed up side down.

Jyothika has only 2 films to her credit now whereas Laila is more worse with no new films. Now the distributors who promised a huge sum are backing off and now the posters showcase only Rambha and she has almost overshadowed the other two stars. Laila was reported to have hurt her ankle during a fight sequence. Speaking of fights, this movie is actually is a take off  from the Hollywood Television and Big screen hit Charlie's Angels.

Arjun was reported to have done a role in the movie but still that was old news, the reasons for the delay are pointing to the clash between the lead stars during shooting. Now the movie is over and ready for release but only that there are no willing people to distribute it.